The Enemy is After Our Children

Matthew 19_14

Some years ago, I found myself subbing for a rambunctious group of second graders. Each of the students entered the room that morning with their own little personalities, and made their way around the room to complete their morning assignments. However, there was one student in the bunch whose behavior differed from the others. Although he sat amongst a table of smiling peers, he was crying his eyeballs out… and I couldn’t understand why; after all, school had barely begun. Continue reading

Grace Your Children as God Graces You


Grace. We believers often think about it chiefly in the terms of Ephesians 2:8-9 (and rightly so), but rarely in the terms of parenting. However, aside from grace being the unmerited favor of God, freely given to sinners like you and me, it also means: a controlled, polite, and pleasant way of behaving, and showing mercy to someone (as God does to us, and that can only be carried out by us through the Spirit of God). 

As I’d learn years down the road of my parental journey, this concept of grace is crucial in the upbringing of our children. Continue reading