The Compromising Christian?


Over the past weeks, in light of some very interesting things going on within the “Christian community,” I’ve been reminiscing on two events that occurred in my life some years back. During the first instance, I was around 15 years old, and my sisters and I were taken out for the evening by our then pastor (a friendly gesture, as our dad had died some time before).  Continue reading

The Opposition Before the Promise

Isaiah 41v10

Has God ever made you a promise that you were eager to see come to pass, but before it could ever manifest, everything that could go wrong did?  Maybe you’re in this place now.  God has given you a surefire word to stand on (like He did Abraham regarding Isaac), but everything’s hitting the fan.  In short, everything going on around you seems like it will make null and void the promise of God, so what should you do and believe?  This very thing is what I’ve come to talk to you about today: the opposition that occurs before the promise.  Continue reading



Bloom where you’re planted…  These four words came to my mind on Wednesday.  I’m always reminded of the stranger who told them to me some years ago when they come to mind.  I was working in a pharmacy at the time; she in a doctor’s office.  She told me how she’d been with that one doctor for 15 (or 17) years, but on starting the job, she had no idea it was where she’d be long term.  But, she said, God had put her there, and “you’ve got to bloom where you’re planted.”  Continue reading

What Harmony Has Christ With Belial?


There are many discussions that I hear amongst those of the Christian community, regarding biblical doctrine, that sadden me, as they are pretty far off base.  But, there’s one that I encountered recently that really crushed my spirit: it’s the notion that Christians— followers of Christ—can be inhabited/indwelt/possessed by demons. Continue reading

Is It for God’s Glory, or Your Own?

Matthew 6-1

In verse 1 of Matthew 6, we read, “Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in Heaven.”  If we read on, we find that God goes on to tell us about sounding the alarm when giving to the needy, about praying just to be seen of and admired by men, and about intentionally fasting in a way that is noticeable to others. Continue reading

If You Don’t Like My Son, You Don’t Like Me

One way

My motto, ever since becoming a parent, has always been, “If you don’t like my son, you don’t like me.”  I never quite understood how a person could claim they love the parent, but have absolutely no love for the child; however, that happens, but it doesn’t fly with me.  Continue reading