Your Life is a Miracle

Psalm 8-4 (2)

I can remember one day, some time back (last year, I think), I was telling God that I needed a miracle. It was something I had been saying daily, as I was so ready for my season to change (I’m still in that season, by the way). On this particular day after I said it, I heard the Holy Spirit clearly say, “Your whole life is a miracle.”  Continue reading

For Everything There Is a Season

Ecclesiastes 3-1

On a Friday morning, January 29, 2016, as I pondered the words of Ecclesiastes 3:1, which came to me suddenly, Nebuchadnezzar’s story (after glimpsing his name in my Bible) came to mind. Through that story, I was reminded that it is God who ordains our seasons and the length of them for His purposes.  Continue reading

Are You Listening Well?


Very often during people’s hardships or trials, I hear, or read, them say that God is silent, that He’s not saying anything to them.  However, during the hardship (the very trying ordeal) that I find myself in right this minute—and have been in for some time—I feel the exact opposite.  Continue reading