Abortion is Murder

psalm 139_14

Originally written in January 2019. Relevant today as the abortion fight continues.

During the week prior to and the days leading up to this announcement, a strong sense of needing to share a particular part of my life, one that I, honestly, like to keep under the radar, came over me. Initially I didn’t understand why the desire to write my story had sprang up so suddenly (though abortion is a subject/crisis near to my heart), but when I came across the above linked headline (on January 23rd), stating that the state of New York had voted to legalize abortion up to birth, I did. 

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Do Not Be Deceived: God is Not Mocked

Back in December (of 2021), a post/meme of a Facebook user was sent to me, which said, in reference to God and Jesus’ crucifixion, “Killing His own Son for our sins instead of killing satan. I swear this story is not clear.” My first thought on seeing it was, “Wow, the level of ignorance.” Now, if something along these lines was asked about innocently, such as, “Have you ever wondered why God would kill Jesus, who was innocent, instead of satan, who is evil?” it would be a different story. But blatant mockery of such a critical and vital event… makes my blood levels rise for sure.

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False Teaching in “Gospel” Song Lyrics, Part 2

Proverbs 30

Hello again, sisters. Today, I’ve come to finish up my short series on false teaching in “Gospel” music. As we’ve seen thus far (from part 1), it is important for us to be mindful of what we listen to, and also for song writers/artists to be mindful of the material they put out. The Word tells us, in 2 Timothy 2:15, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.” This is something that each person who teaches, or aspires to teach, God’s words is to do (and all Christians in general, too). Continue reading

False Teaching in “Gospel” Song Lyrics, Part 1

Galatians 1-8

The idea that false teaching can occur through “Gospel” music (music that is supposed to exalt and glorify God through the spreading of the Gospel message) may be unbelievable, and seemingly far-fetched, to some. But, believe it, sisters, because it is happening in the world of “Gospel” music, and much more frequently today. 

In this blog (and the one that will follow it), I will be giving examples of some of the false messages I’ve heard in songs deemed Gospel, to show you that this phenomenon is real, and also in the hope that it will make you more aware of what you’re listening to, assuring that it aligns with Scripture.

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In 2018 and Beyond: Beware of the Deceivers’ Cleverness

Phil 3

While finishing up Romans 16 last month, I was struck by Paul’s ending. The next day, when I went to Jude, I was awestruck even more at how the two chapters correlated (specifically the ending of Romans 16 with Jude). Now, Paul has talked about false teachers a bunch in the New Testament, but, there was something in particular that time, and also about Jude, and I knew I had to speak on this topic again (previous post can be found here). Continue reading

Truth or Pharisaism?

Romans 14-4

*Post was originally published on March 17, 2017. Relevant still for such a time as this one.*

What is pharisaism? Pharisaism is adhering to the principles and practices of the Pharisees—men who were fierce (self-righteous) hypocrites, as we see in the Bible.

The Pharisees’ belief was that everyone should live by their rules, their man-made traditions (even when they themselves didn’t). When people didn’t, they unmercifully criticized them, and Jesus wasn’t excluded. Let’s look at one example. Continue reading

No Tongues = Not Saved?

Busting the Myth

In many churches today, there’s a myth floating about, which says that salvation and tongue-speaking go hand-in-hand. This myth has been alive and well in churches for a long time now, and it will likely be so until Jesus returns. My mission today is to expose this myth for the lie that is (especially for the newcomers to Christianity), and to give you a quick background on why it is a lie. Continue reading

God is Jealous for His Name

Isaiah 48

Several times in Scripture, God speaks on the jealousy He has for His name.  (Note: God’s jealousy isn’t the same as sinful, human jealousy, but is a righteous jealousy, as it’s a part of who He is, and the longing is for what is His [praise, devotion, honor, glory, reverence].)   Continue reading