Abortion is Murder

psalm 139_14

Originally written in January 2019. Relevant today as the abortion fight continues.

During the week prior to and the days leading up to this announcement, a strong sense of needing to share a particular part of my life, one that I, honestly, like to keep under the radar, came over me. Initially I didn’t understand why the desire to write my story had sprang up so suddenly (though abortion is a subject/crisis near to my heart), but when I came across the above linked headline (on January 23rd), stating that the state of New York had voted to legalize abortion up to birth, I did. 

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Do Not Be Deceived: God is Not Mocked

Back in December (of 2021), a post/meme of a Facebook user was sent to me, which said, in reference to God and Jesus’ crucifixion, “Killing His own Son for our sins instead of killing satan. I swear this story is not clear.” My first thought on seeing it was, “Wow, the level of ignorance.” Now, if something along these lines was asked about innocently, such as, “Have you ever wondered why God would kill Jesus, who was innocent, instead of satan, who is evil?” it would be a different story. But blatant mockery of such a critical and vital event… makes my blood levels rise for sure.

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The Enemy is After Our Children

Matthew 19_14

Some years ago, I found myself subbing for a rambunctious group of second graders. Each of the students entered the room that morning with their own little personalities, and made their way around the room to complete their morning assignments. However, there was one student in the bunch whose behavior differed from the others. Although he sat amongst a table of smiling peers, he was crying his eyeballs out… and I couldn’t understand why; after all, school had barely begun. Continue reading

The Bigger Picture

Isaiah 55

One day, back in November, while scrolling my local newspaper’s website, I came across a picture and was instantly captivated by its beauty. Staring a moment longer at the grandeur of the scene, I came to realize that the building was familiar to me—it was the inside of my hospital! The place I’d been visiting pretty frequently, as multiple health issues had abounded over time. Continue reading

When Your (Spiritual) Diet Causes Depression

Psalm 42_5

Lately, I’ve been experiencing and hearing a lot about the infamous “D” word: depression. Thankfully, the depressive episodes haven’t gotten to the point they once were in my life—chronic—but they do rear their ugly heads from time to time. And as stated, I’ve been hearing a lot about depression, particularly from Christians. Because of this, I started to question myself some days ago: What could be the cause of this (outside of medical reasons)? Why is it that the very people who are supposed to be joyful and rejoicing in a guaranteed inheritance so blue? Continue reading

Lead Them to God Instead

Mark 8_36 (1)

In the past weeks, I’ve been told, and read of via online news portals, about passing after passing, or, death after death. And these deaths, as some may imagine, haven’t been of the elderly, those whom have lived a number of years and matured gracefully. No. These deaths have been of the young, those barely wet behind the ears, and haven’t seen one strand of gray hair. Continue reading

Worship or Emotionalism?

Romans 12_1 (1)

A while back, I was sent a video of some children in a church, singing, dancing, and “getting caught up in the Spirit.” It was supposed to be funny (particularly, the getting “caught up” part), but while watching, I wasn’t amused. It simply reminded me of how our children aren’t being taught the Word of God and what it really means to honor and praise Him. Instead, they’re being taught performance and “emotionalism,” masked as spirituality.  Continue reading

Affliction: A Different Perspective

Psalm 119_71

In Psalm 119:71, David says, “It was good for me to be afflicted, so that I might learn Your decrees.” Not long after I was converted and afflicted (some time ago now), I found myself echoing that same sentiment on reading it. In spite of the dire circumstances I found myself facing, I could see God’s hand within them, working for my good. Years later, still facing much affliction, my sentiments are the same. Continue reading

Is Fornication Justified for Millennials?

Matthew 7_21 (1)

A short time ago, I found myself engaged in conversation with someone I’ve known since my childhood years (he’s a little younger). The conversation began lightly, remembering things from the past, but quickly shifted when I asked, “So when are you and your girlfriend getting married?” Continue reading