What Goes In Will Come Up

Psalm 119_11 (1)

On last Sunday, a day before my surgery on Monday, June 18th, I found myself studying the words of Psalm 91 (a favorite of mine). During that study time, the words of verses 14-16 jumped out at me (I’ve always loved them), and I stayed there. The next morning, before heading out for the surgery, I set my sights there again, as I readied myself for the road ahead of me. 

On getting to the hospital, all was well, and I patiently awaited the moment I’d be taken back to be “put under.” Two and a half hours later I was wheeled back, and was glad to finally be getting it all over with. Just the thought of a brand new start, and also knowing that God was there with me, gave me the strength and confidence needed to get through. So, when the anesthesiologist asked, “Are you ready? (for the meds),” I quickly responded, “Yes.” He seemed surprised, retorting with, “You are?!” I chuckled a bit and, within the next two minutes (maybe less), I was out. The next time I’d have an ounce of consciousness, I’d be in recovery: the place I’ve come to speak about today.

Upon coming to in the recovery room, the first words I heard in my spirit were those I’d put into it the day before and morning of the surgery: “Because he loves Me, I will deliver him,” God’s words in Psalm 91:14.

God, sisters, had answered my prayers for a safe procedure (as I believed He would), and also brought His Word (His promise), that I intentionally ingested beforehand, to my heart and mind. That’s how God works, friends. He draws on what is in us—that is of Himself—to strengthen and encourage us in difficult times, as well as to rebuke us and put us back into alignment with Him at other times. This is why it is so important to study His words daily.

When in the world, we didn’t mind ingesting junk—degrading music, horrific television shows, filthy novels, dirty club scenes, etc. (although it produced horrible fruit)—and we shouldn’t mind, especially since we call ourselves Christian, ingesting that which will produce good fruit within and without (it’s actually our duty to).

Contrary to what you may hear in society, God’s words are needed. They are life to those who find them, and (spiritual) healing to the whole body (Proverbs 4:20-22); and we must be intentional about saturating our hearts and minds with them.

That said, if you’ve found yourself feasting less and less on God’s words, I urge you to get back on track, to taste and experience the goodness of them again. Sure, you may be inundated with online sermons, devotionals, blogs, social media pastors and “leaders,” etc., and you may feel that you’re having enough to “eat” daily, that your “diet” is healthy. However, nothing can replace your time with and need for God. Even if the devotionals, etc. you read/listen to happen to be accurate in their delivery (many are not), understand that they are not enough to keep you steadfast, immovable, and abounding in the Lord. Therefore, sisters, study to show yourselves approved, and God will reward you for your faithfulness.

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