Your Gift to the Body

Giftings 2

Recently, I was listening to a newly released (or what I believe to be a newly released) Gospel song on the radio, and one of the background singer’s voices took center stage for me in the song. All of the singers could sing really well, but that one lady’s voice truly made a difference in the song… it stood out. The song, being one of truth about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and one that I can relate to wholeheartedly, would have been a great one without this particular singer’s voice, but, it wouldn’t have sounded quite the same. Her gift to that song was essential, just as your gift to the Body is as well.

In Romans 12 (also in 1 Corinthians 12), Paul talks to us about spiritual gifts. In verses 4-8, he says: For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach; if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully.

So we see here that whatever our God-given gift, we should steward it well, to the best of our ability. 

But, for many of us in the Body, although we know that God has given us gifts to use for His glory, and for the edification of our brothers and sisters in Christ, instead of using them, as we’ve been commanded to, we sit on them and make excuses for our lackadaisical ways (which is sin). “My gifting’s not as important as theirs,” some say. “I’m not comfortable doing that with (or around) others,” another may say. Still another may feel that because their gifting “conflicts” with another member of the Body’s, their gift isn’t needed. 

What do I mean by “conflicts”?  I’ll use one of my gifts as an example. If you haven’t figured it out already, although I’m sure that you have, I’m a writer (like duh, right?!). Well, when God first gave me the task of writing to the Body, some time back, I didn’t feel needed, because there were already so many gifted writers in the Body. “Who’d want to hear what I have to say,” I wondered, “when there are so many others out there, and much more popular, saying pretty much the same things?” Nevertheless, I’d received my marching orders and had to comply. And over time, what I came to realize is that although another person (or several people) may have the same gifting as us, they won’t do it quite like us, nor will we do it quite like them. Each of us has been uniquely made, and will present our gifts to the world in unique ways (through the help of the Holy Spirit). I also realized that there are some in the Body that one will be able to reach with their words (or whatever their particular gifting) that another will not be able to. One will impact the world, or a life, in one way, and another person in a different way.

Therefore, it is important for us to operate in the giftings God has bestowed upon us. Sure, there may be many teachers in the Body, many who serve in the Body, many who encourage in the Body, but there is only one you, and the Body of Christ needs the offering that you have to give.

So sisters, don’t shrink back from the assignment that God has given you believing that because there are many around you who do what you do, you are not needed or wanted. God, the Supreme Authority, has given us gifts, talents, and an assignment, and when He returns, He will be expecting a return on His investment (cf. Matthew 25:14-30). What will you have to offer Him?

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